Hello from the Olympus PMA booth!

The new E-620 and E-30 fly the flag for Olympus at PMA

How could we not show you some of the Olympus USA staff who are working on the PMA booth?

With the new E-620, and the relatively new E-30, Olympus has a strong line up at PMA this year. Production spec. E-620s are now shipping to reviewers, so retail supplies can't be hard to find. There is a production E-620 waiting for me back home, so I will be posting samples at the weekend.

There is no hard news on Micro Four Thirds, apart from an announcement that it will formally launch this summer, early summer is my understanding. On hint I have had is that, unlike Panasonic's G1 Micro Four Thirds design, the Olympus Micro Four Thirds design strategy will steer away from a DSLR- look,which should help the product range relate to current users of compact cameras better.

And after talking at length with senior Japanese representatives from Olympus, including Akira Watanabe, and Jeff Oyama, I can say that there is a very strong message that the future of the original Four Thirds DSLR system is secure and there are lots of goodies from that side of the range in the pipeline.

Here are some pictures from the show - enjoy! There will be more from me and the show, after I get back to the UK.

The new E-620, here shown with the optional HLD-5 grip, has impressed many here at the show.


This was something I hadn't seen before - the LH-43 lens hood for the 25mm f/2.8 pancake.


The Olympus Micro Four Thirds design study, shown at Photokina last year, made another appearance at PMA,
along with a prototype Four Thirds mount adapter.


Here is a closer view of the Micro Four Thirds design study. It's likely that the final product will not look like this,
but will be more compact camera-like in design rather than DSLR-style.

Here is the message on the booth informing us that we can expect Micro Four Thirds to be launched this summer.
Indeed, I expect it to be early summer.

Finally, there is still vigorous promotion of the E-3, with a dolphin being used to relate the E-3/SWD
lens claim to offer the fastest AF system on the market.

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