Lumix G1 firmware update v.1.2

Minor fixes in latest G1 firmware update.

If you own a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 you may be interested to know that Panasonic has issued its second firmware update for this camera. The formware update history is reproduced below. Instructions on how to apply firmware updates can be found here. The actual update files can be downloaded from here.

Date/Version Description
Ver 1.2
  1. Performances in the Auto White Balance and the color reproduction were improved.
  2. A reliability on the flash operation in low temperature environments were improved.
  3. File write back from PC to the camera was enabled also for the models shipped for Europe.
Ver 1.1
  1. Makes it possible to check the exposure with Live View during the AE lock.
  2. Makes it possible to continuously display the enlarged screen of the MF assist.
  3. Added "color adjustment function" for the LCD monitor/View finder.
  4. Added "Red-eye reduction forced flash on" to the flash setting for the [PARTY].
  5. Improved the performance of AE(Auto Exposure) and AWB(Auto White Balance).
  6. Improved the accuracy of flash control.
  7. Improved the noise reduction during high sensitivity photo shooting.

An instruction manual for DMC-G1K after version 1.1 Update