Olympus Studio version 2.22 update

E-30 support and other enhancements to Olympus Studio

Just two weeks after the free Olympus Master image management and RAW development package was updated to version 2.11, the premium Olympus Studio package, which Olympus sells, has also been updated. The new version 2.22 of Olympus Studio features these changes:

OLYMPUS Studio 2.22:

  • Support for "E-30"
  • Added the function that the Aspect Ratio stored in the file is shown as a frame on the image display.
  • Added the function to crop using the Aspect Ratio information recorded in the image.
  • Improved the operability of functions to crop images.
    • the function to specify Aspect Ratio and Coordinates
    • the function to crop using Aspect Ratio information recorded in the image
    • the function to rotate the cropping area
  • Add the function to crop images in "RAW Development" window.
  • Support for MF shooting in "Camera Control" window. (E-30 or later models only)
  • Added the function to save the current mode when closing "Camera Control" window.

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