E-3 v.1.3 firmware update announced two months in advance

AF point selection and HLD-4 battery status to be like on the E-30

UPDATE: We now have an official english translation of the Olympus information on the E-3 v.1.3 firmware update.

Curiously, Olympus in Japan has announced details of changes to be introduced via firmware update v.1.3 for the the Olympus E-3 next February - in other words two months before the update will be made available.

The Olympus Japan firmware update announcement is in Japanese only. Basically it says:

1. Selection of AF points is to be made easier via a Custom Function setting enabling selections to be made using the four way buttons.

2. Battery status indication is to be improved and optimised according to the type of battery employed when using the HLD-4 power grip. This will hopefully cure the known problem of the HLD-4 plus AA batteries (Alakalines and NIMH rechargeables) prematurely indicating the batteries are flat.

Both these changes bring the E-3 to the same functional level as the forthcoming E-30.

Why the news has been announced so far in advance of the firmware being made available is a mystery.

Updated information from Olympus:

1. The AF target points selection is possible to adjust with the arrow keys (same as for the E-30)

        To activate this function please go to the following menu:


        In this menu the next setting is possible:


2. New battery control sequence to improve the battery life when a user uses the HLD-4.

      With this further improvement from ver. 1.1 the E-3 battery life would become the same level of E-30 with HLD-4.


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