New Olympus E-System Eye Piece Cover

New eye piece cover also helps prevent hot-show cover getting lost

Olympus has developed a new eye piece cover, the EPC-1. It is attached to the camera strap and is used to cover the eye piece when the camera takes pictures in auto-exposure mode un-attended. Ambient light entering the eye-piece can cause incorrect exposure. This is isnít a problem when your face is up to the back of the camera, shading the eye piece.

By attaching it to the camera strap, unlike the current EP-4 cover, itís less likely to get lost. Even better, it can store the hot-shoe cover when a flash unit is attached to the camera.

By attaching the EPC-1 to the left side of the strap, itís away from the shutter release button so accidental exposures are avoided. The EPC-1 will be bundled with the new E-30 DSLR and with future E-System cameras that donít have a built in eye piece shutter, like the E-3, for example.

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