Photokina 2008 - Olympus Micro Four Thirds press conference video

We're part of Micro Four Thirds too, you know, is the message from Olympus

The boss of Olympus DSLR camera division personally unveiled his Micro Four Thirds design study model

If you are visiting Cologne this week, you won't escape adverts for Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-G1 Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens systems camera, which goes on sale next month. But Olympus has been strangely quiet about Micro Four Thirds (mFT), which gives the impression that Panasonic is in the driving seat. We had been warned not to expect much from Olympus with regards to at Photokina this year, but there was a surprise appearance at the traditional Olympus Photokina press conference of the boss of the Olympus DSLR camera division, Mr.Ogawa, along with several examples of an Olympus mFT design mock up. It seems that Olympus decided that it was necessary to remind everyone that they have plans for mFT as well.

If you would like to experience the buzz of the press conference and the unveiling of the Olympus mFT prototype, look no further - our 10 minute video of the proceedings is just a click away (note: I've replaced the original clip with a slightly better version, but the improvement isn't as great as I hoped):


The mock-up model has drawn mixed responses, but is unlikely to bear much resemblance to a final product.

The lack of an integrated eye-piece viewfinder surprised many.


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