Photokina 2008 - Olympus Digital Zuiko image samples



Zuiko Digital 9-18 image samples hot off the Olympus booth

UPDATE As requested, a second page of links to ISO 400 samples enabling a smaller aperture to be used has been added.


The new 9-18mm f/4-5.6 Zuiko Digital (right) is dwarfed
by the 7-14mm f/4

A trip to the Olympus booth was defnitely required in order to try out a production sample of the new Zuiko Digital 9-18mm f/4-5.6. Below are some links to some preliminary samples taken throughout the zoom range.

Although the 9-18 has a big 72mm filter thread, and an equally large petal-style lens hood, the main part of the lens barrel is surprisingly a slim and as is the low weight, especially compare to the lovely, but massive, Zuiko Digital 7-14mm f/4. The manual focus ring is fly-by-wire connected and is not SWD, though fast AF is not a priority with wide-angle lenses.

AF is live-view mode compatible, which means it should work with the E-410 and E-520, as well as the Lumix DMC-L10 and micro Four Thirds Lumix DMC-G1 (the latter with an adapter tube).

The pictures made available for you below were taken using an Olympus E-3, tripod mounted, but people were walking on the false floor of the booth and so some vibration couls have got through, so please only treat these as initial samples. Full laperture was set throughout as the light conditions were quite dim.

Incidentally, we believe that the price will be around ₤450.

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