Panasonic reveals Lumix G Micro Four Thirds hybrid system camera

High Definition video shooting is the key USP for the Next Lumix G-series system camera

A mock-up of the new HD-ready Lumix G-series system camera,
with matching video-optimised 14-140 (28-280 equivalent) lens

Prior to next week's Photokina trade show, today, in a preview event at Cologne, Germany, to showcase to the press Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-G1 mirror-less Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system camera, we were given a surprise look at a mock-up of the next G-series camera, tentatively being referred to as the G HD.

This camera is differentiated from the G1 as it is equipped with enhancements required for HD video recording. These include stereo microphones placed in the top of the pop-up flash, and a companion 10x 14-140mm (28-280 equivalent) zoom lens which is optimised for smooth AF action during HD movie recording.

Below is a selection of views of the camera, plus some Micro Four Thirds lenses planned for launch next year. We'll have more specific details in due course.

The tell-tale indicator that this camera is serious about video is the appearance of
stereo microphones in front of the hot shoe - and the HD logos, of course.


The already remarkably small G-series body is not at all dwarfed by it's video
AF-optimised companion 14-140 (28-280 equivalent) 10x zoom.


The HD-ready G-series camera is aiming to be the first consumer system camera
that combines high quality stills and full autofocus HD video recording.


From the rear the camera looks very similar to the G1, but
notice the red record button at the top right of body.


As with the G1, the screen is fully articulated.


This view happens to show a mock-up of the Micro Four Thirds Panasonic Lumix
7-14mm f/4 super wide angle zoom. Equivalent to a 14-28mm zoom in
135 format terms, the lens is tiny compared to the
existing Four Thirds Olympus Zuiko Digital 7-14 zoom.



Journalists at today's event were given pre-production G1 cameras to try out
and it's fair to say that the general opinion was positive.


A super-slim and fast 20mm f/1.7 (40mmm equivalent) pancake
prime 'standard' lens is in the pipeline.


And here is the mock-up of the diminutive 7-14mm (14-28mm equivalent)
super-wide angle zoom we can expect next year.

We'll have more Micro Four Thirds news soon.


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