Panasonic Lumix Micro Four Thirds DMC-G1 baby previewed

Here is our first look at the non-reflex interchangeable lens Lumix DMC-G1

The new Panasonic DMC-G1 Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera that isn't a DSLR

If you thought you would have to wait a while for the first fruits of the recent announcement of the launch of the new Micro Four Thirds non-DSLR interchangeable lens system camera platform, you might be surprised to hear that Panasonic Lumix has today announced its first Micro Four Thirds camera, accompanied by two lenses, and they are expected to ship in November, well in time for Christmas.

I first saw a prototype back in early June and last week had some time using a pre-production sample of the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1. A full judgment on on what the G1 offers will have to wait until a review production sample reaches us, but I can help you visualise the G1 with a few comments, plus some views of the camera in the image gallery below (just click on a thumbnail).

You can also find the various press releases that Panasonic has provided to accompany today's product launch, including detailed specifications:

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