Version 2.20 of Olympus Studio released

Minor updates usher in new release of Olympus Studio software

Olympus has released version 2.20 (up from 2.12) of its Olympus Studio software package for editing and managing images, including RAW files, produced by Olympus cameras, in particular Olympus E-System models.

The changes listed by Olympus in version 2.20 are:

  • Support for Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Improved the display speed in Preview Area in "RAW Development" and "Image Edit" windows.
  • Added the functions to narrow down, sort, and delete files in Thumbnail Area of all windows.
  • Added the function to clear Cache.

Unlike the simpler and less powerful Olympus Master package, Olympus Studio is not free, though you can download a thirty day trial version.

Olympus Studio can also be used to remotely control certain Olympus camera models.



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