Spring competition - it's now time for you to vote!

Your vote is crucial!

The time has come to vote in order to decide the top ten images submitted in our Spring photo contest, with the theme of 'People'. Your vote is key - and to be eligible you must be a member of either the Four Thirds User forum or Olympus UK E-System User Group forum, registered no later than Monday, 5th May 2008. Visit the competition gallery and choose three pictures in order of merit. Note the user name of the photographer that entered each of the three images you have chosen.

Next, you need to be logged in to Four Thirds User or the Olympus UK E-System User Group to send your vote in. Choose which site you prefer to vote from (if you are a member of both, please only vote from ONE site), using the site forum's Private Mail (PM) system and follow the link below:

Four Thirds User:

Olympus UK E-System User Group:

Your vote should be addressed to Photo Competitions and the subject should be 'Spring 2008 Vote'. Then list your three preferred entrants' names, in order of merit (best = 1, second, =2, third = 3). Your PM vote should look similar to this:

Your vote should look somethiung like this.

Each choice will be weighted in order of preference, with three points for your top choice, 2 for second and 1 for third. You must include three valid choices. If, not, your vote will be rejected and you will be informed so you can re-submit a corrected vote (if there is time). You must not vote for yourself.

Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday, 20th May, 2008 (UK summer time).

On 21st May, the votes will be processed and the ten finalists selected and revealed in a competition update. The entrants will then be invited to submit a copy of the original file, at full resolution, in order to be printed. The prints will then be evaluated by our judge, Barry Lategan. We aim to announced the overall winner on our around the end of May.

If you have any questions about the competition or would like to discuss any aspects of it, please visit the competition forum board. You can find further details at the competition information page.

We look forward to your votes!



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