Ultra compact 25mm f/2.8 'pancake' Digital Zuiko
  • The E-420 and pancake lens examined
  • Release Issued by Olympus:

    New lens gives a whole new meaning to compact

    London, 5 March 2008 – With an overall length of just 23.5mm and weighing in at a tiny 95g, the new ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1:2.8 lens takes mobility to a higher level. Matched with the newly-announced E-420, it represents the most compact camera body and lens combination available – with a collective length of just 76.5mm. The go-anywhere single-focus lens boasts premium optics matched with a bright 1:2.8 aperture and a small minimum focusing distance. Featuring a focal length equivalent to 50mm on a 35mm camera system, it provides an angle of view near to that of the human eye – and is therefore an ideal standard lens for daily use. Adhering to the Four Thirds Standard, this model is fully-compatible with the made-for-digital Olympus E-System. The ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1:2.8 lens will be available from April 2008 at a recommended price of £189.99

    At only 23.5mm long and weighing 95g, the remarkably thin and lightweight ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1:2.8 lens from Olympus is ideal for the mobile D-SLR photographer. When mounted to the Olympus E-410 or newly-announced E-420, the total length of camera body and lens is a meagre 76.5mm – making it both exceptionally portable and easy to store.

    Double-sided aspherical lens elements provide optimal aberration correction and return images with exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness and clarity. Furthermore, to optimise shooting against light, this single-focus lens incorporates a specially-formulated coating that minimises ghosting and flaring. With its bright 1:2.8 circular diaphragm aperture, photographers can create striking soft-focus images and also take advantage of natural defocusing effects.

    Boasting a focal length equivalent to 50mm on a 35mm camera, this lens provides a near natural visual field as it closely resembles the human eye's natural field of vision. And at just 20cm, the minimum focusing distance lets photographers get extremely close to their subjects, to further add to this astoundingly compact lens’ versatility.

    To set off its extremely sleek and streamlined appearance, ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1:2.8 lens also features a screw-on aluminium lens cap. This ultra-thin and ultra-light model will become available in April 2008 for £189.99

    ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1:2.8 lens – main features:

    • · Ultra-compact lens
    • · Fixed focal length of 25mm (equivalent to 50mm on a 35mm camera)
    • · Bright 1:2.8 aperture
    • · Merely 23.5mm thin and 95g light
    • · Minimum focusing distance of only 20cm
    • · Comes with screw-on aluminium lens cap

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