Olympus Studio and Master version updates

E-420 supported in new versions of Studio and Master

The premium Olympus Studio and standard Olympus Master software applications for managing, editing, RAW processing, camera and lens firmware updating, and (Studio only) controlling Olympus cameras, have been updated this week.

Latest version numbers to look out for are 2.1.2 for Studio, and 2.0.5 for Master. To update your version, ensure you are connected the Internet and select the Update Software option on the main help menu.

The stated changes for these updates include the introduction of a You Tube upload facility for Master (to support compact cameras with movie modes), and for both Studio and Master a bug fix for the display language for E-3 and E-510 DSLRs that could not be updated correctly in "Update Camera/Add Display Language".

Although not mentioned in the update notes, we can also confirm that both new versions of Studio and Master will develop RAW files from the new E-420 .

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