E-410 price drops

E-410 now better value than ever

We've just received this email from the Olympus UK press office:

Olympus has announced that they are dropping the price of both their E410 and E510 D-SLR range.

The E410 body is now reduced to 319.99, a drop of 20. The E410 Single Lens kit, Double Zoom and Travel Kits all experience a 50 price reduction, now at 349.99, 449.99 and 399.99 respectively.

The E510 DSLR's have also experienced fantastic price reductions, up to as much as 150 on the range. Prices are 339.99 for the E510 body, 449.99 for the Single lens Kit, 549.99 for the Double Zoom kit and 499.99 for the Travel Kit.

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E-410 price drops

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