Advice on Olympus E-3 FS-3 grid focus screen options

If you want the FS-3 focus screen for your E-3, here is what you need to know

Olympus Europe has issued a notice concerning customer options with the alternative grid lined focusing screen for the E-3 body, or FS-3 screen.

1) E-3 supplied pre-fitted with FS-3

All brand new cameras are produced in the factory with standard focusing screen, so it is exchanged via service prior to sale. Therefore, in case a customer wants to receive a new E-3 body with FS-3 fitted, Olympus needs to know in advance so that a body can be customised. This process takes about 2-3 weeks. In other words, to buy a new E-3 with the FS-3 screen fitted, it's a special order.The European guide price for an E-3 with FS-3 fitted is 1769 Euros. The pre-fitted FS-3 screen version of the E-3 is only priced available as body-only.

2) FS-3 upgrade

The FS-3 screen is not available for DIY fitting, so you must send your camera to Olympus for the screen to be fitted. The guide price is: 59 Euros.

Olympus UK advises that the UK price will be a fairly straight exchange rate conversion of the Euro price, at today's rates approximately 1319 and 44, respectively.

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