Olympus UK online E-System DSLR User Group opens

Olympus specific online community for UK and Ireland E-System users launches

Olympus UK and the Write Technology Ltd, the publisher of this site, Four Thirds User, and Digital Photography Now, have launched a new E-System DSLR online user group community. The site provides a focal point for both Olympus UK and its E-System DSLR users.

The new 'e-group' site provides news and information from Olympus UK, as well as special offers and opportunities exclusively for registered e-group users. To set the ball rolling, at least fifty registered e-group users are set to receive a free BLM-1 lithium ion rechargeable battery, worth 69 and compatible with most of the Olympus E-System camera range.

There is also a fully-featured discussion forum, with camera model-specific user groups, plus a free photo gallery with advanced features, like photo rating and comments, plus the ability to use UBB Code for showing selected gallery photos in the discussion forum.

If you are a UK-based E-System camera user, or you are thinking of purchasing an E-System DSLR camera, sign up now and you could earn yourself a free BLM-1 battery and be a founding member of a great new photographic community and resource.

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