Olympus E-3 audio comparison

Hear what our review E-3 sounds like - and compare it to the sounds of an E-1 and E-510

Update! We now have a second clip below which compares the E-3 with a Sony Alpha A700 and a Pentax istDL.

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By popular request, we have produced a video clip of Yours Truly clicking away with our pre-production Olympus E-3 so you can hear what it sounds like. For comparison purposes, we've included an E-1 and an E-510 at work too.

All three cameras were fitted with the same Olympus Digital Zuiko 14-54 lens in order to equalise the sound-damping effects that a lens might have. Naturally, we don't have a sound-proofed studio and the video camera and sound recording - actually a Kodak EasyShare V1253 compact digital stills camera (it has a good quality movie mode with stereo mics) - were rather simple, but the result is not bad.

I'd say that the high frequency end of the audio spectrum comes across more than the lower end, so you can hear more of of the 'clack' than you really would in reality, but it's all relative.

And now, just added, a new video, slightly improved quality, featuring the E-3, Sony Alpha A700, and a Pentax istDL:

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