Jon Nicholson Darfur exhibition opens in London

E-410 and E-510 images star in exhibition spotlighting the oppression in Darfur

Olympus is sponsoring a short exhibition of work produced by photographer Jon Nicholson at the Air Gallery, Dover Street, depicting the people of the war-torn region of Darfur, in North Africa. The exhibition runs until this saturday and is also a showcase of what the Olympus E-410 and E-510 are capable of.

Nicholson is a long time user of Olympus gear and is, perhaps, best known in recent years for his work photographing the Ferrari Grand Prix team at the time of Olympus' sponsorship of the team a couple of years ago. Prior to that Nicholson has worked with the 1996 Grand Prix world champion, Damon Hill. But last night the focus was on Nicholson's imagery of Darfur and the plight of the people there, most of whom are refugees who have walked hundreds of miles across hot and barren lands in search of safety from rebel militias.

This was testing terrain for the E-410 and E-510, but judging by the quality of the photography on show at the preview event last night, with some images blown up to 5x4 feet, Olympus' cameras combined with some moving and insightful photographic skills on Nicholson's part, the gear produced the goods.

Below are some selected views of the preview evening at the Air Gallery. If you are in London between now and Saturday, the exhibition (Dover Street is just a short wall west of Regent Street) is well worth a detour.

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