European E-3 promotions detailed

Buy an E-3 by the end of the year and you could net some freebies

Olympus Europe is promoting its new E-3 hard; they want both users of rival systems to transfer and for existing E-System camera users to upgrade. There have been rumours of some great promotional deals and now we have the details.

You don't yet have an E-System camera, but you want to buy an E-3

A registration service at your Olympus country site* is being provided to enable you to register your interest in the E-3. If you then purchase an E-3 by the end of the year, you get a free camera E-System rucksack/backpack, which is described as professional grade and rain-resistant camera case, with a laptop slot, worth 130 (just under 200 Euros).

You have an E-System camera and you want to buy an E-3

As above, you need to register your interest at your local Olympus country site*. If you then follow through and purchase an E-3 by the end of the year, you qualify for a free HLD-4 power grip - as well as the backpack! You will be asked for the model and serial number of your E-System camera, but the great news is that owners of any E-System camera model are eligible for this promotion.

In both cases, once you have bought your E-3, you need to provide details of your E-3's warranty card and purchase receipt/invoice in order to claim your freebies.

To be eligible for this offer you need to register on an Olympus site by the end of November. At the time of writing, the Olympus UK site wasn't yet taking registrations, but I'm told it's imminent and the Olympus Germany registration is up and running.

*Apparently not all European countries may be running this promotion, so please check with your local Olympus representative for local confirmation


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