Olympus E-System: Passion for Best

Insight into Olympus DSLR design philosophy

Although it's not brand new, an ongoing feature on the Olympus Global website has been providing some fascinating insight into E-System and Four Thirds design from the pointf of view of Olympus senior designers and engineers.

Called 'Olympus E-System: Passion for Best', the feature is being rolled out in a series of parts and we're now up to part 8. Parts 9, 10 and 11 promise to reveal some of the thinking that is going into the developemnt of image sensors and image processing.

If you look closely at some of the pictures being featured in the series, the staff depicted are handling some fascinating looking camera prototypes.

It's four years since the launch of the Four Thirds E-System and eight years since the Olympus design team started work on this ambitious project. And the Four Thirds platform remains the only DSLR system designed without any film legacy compromises. Olympus has seized upon this fact by using a the slogan 'Pure Digital DNA'.

One wonders, of course, just what comes after part 11...


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Olympus E-System: Passion for Best

Ian Olympus E-System: Passion for Best
Olympus has been shining the spotlight on members of its DSLR engineering and design team in an ongo... (more)

Hans Re: Olympus E-System: Passion for Best
Quote "One wonders what comes after part 11." Hopefully the dang camera!... (more)

Ian Re: Olympus E-System: Passion for Best
Hahaha! One hopes! *lol Ian... (more)