AP investigates pros and cons of sensor size

Amateur Photographer's Angela Nicholson attempts to size up sensor size

AP finds out if the Four Thirds sensor sizes upIn this week's Amateur Photographer magazine (dated 25th August), the UK's longest running weekly mgazine on photography, and a highly respected publication, technical editor Angela Nicholson bravely tackles the thorny issue of sensor size. In the article Nicholson technically evaluated and compared the 'small' format sensors in an Olympus E-510, Nikon D80 and Canon EOS-30D cameras that are all in roughly the same price bracket and target market. These three were also compared with two 'full frame' DSLRs, the Canon EOS-5D and the older Canon EOS-1Ds.

The results and conclusions of this six page feature make for an interesting read. A great deal can be inferred from the findings and though the E-510 was up against tough competition, Four Thirds cynics might be dismayed to find that the E-510 fared reasonably well.

I am able to communicate any feedback to Angela back at AP, so if you have any comments to make as a result of reading her article, please post it below.

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