Leica release new firmware for Digilux 3

Release Issued by Leica:

Digilux 3 Firmware Update Version 2.0

You can download a new firmware upate for the Digilux 3 here. Please read the instructions on how to update your camera. The firmware version 2.0 provides you with a number of improvements concerning both performance and handling.

The optimizations are in the following areas:
An additional function for multiple exposures.
A third OIS mode (MODE 3) enabling the user to employ the "panning" technique.
A mode that considerably improves the visibility of the monitor image when the camera is held below eye level.
The aperture value can now be set more easily in the case of lenses (of other makes) that do not have aperture setting rings.
White balance (WB), color temperature, ISO-speed, and the flash mode can now be set with the cursor buttons as well as with the main setting dial. Confirming the settings is no longer limited in time.
Auto Review now also includes a mode without a time limit.
It is now possible to scroll to the other images even when the one being displayed is enlarged (with the zoom function).
The firmware version can now be displayed using the setup menu.

Detailed information and an instruction about the new functions you will find in the pdf "NOTES: NEW FUNCTIONS".

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