Panasonic announces new firmware for LUMIX DMC-L1 digital SLR camera

Release Issued by Panasonic:

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-L1 - New Firmware Provides Support for DMC-L1 Photographers

Panasonic is pleased to announce a new firmware update service for our LUMIX DMC-L1 digital SLR camera. Photographers will be able to download the latest firmware that allows each photographer to enjoy all the latest improvements Panasonic has made to the DMC-L1.

Offering a number of improvements to enhance pleasure and performance, Panasonic invites all DMC-L1 photographers to take advantage of the updated firmware and get the most out of their camera.

The new upgrade improves the following features:
1. Added a multiple exposure function.
2. Added panning mode [MODE3] to the optical image stabiliser.
3. Added a low-angle viewing mode that makes it easier to view the LCD display when the camera is held below eye level.
4. Added feature that simplifies setting the aperture when using a lens without an aperture ring.
5. Added two manual white balance settings to GUI. GUI design uses navigational cursor to easily select, and set, white balance (WB) to change the color temperature, or set the ISO sensitivity or flash. Time restriction for making changes was removed.
6. Added "HOLD" option to Auto Review time, enabling continuous viewing.
7. Added feature to allow zoomed playback of photos. It's now possible to move back to the preceding images or forward to the next images while the image is still zoomed.
8. Added [AUTO] for the ISO sensitivity in the aperture-priority AE mode [A] and shutter speed-priority AE mode [S].
9. Added GUI option to easily check the firmware version.

The new DMC-L1 firmware will be available worldwide on March 19th.

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